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Pets Facts and Tips has the best articles on pets, fish and animals written by established experts in Zoology, Biochemistry, Fisheries and Veterinary Science. There is a vast array of information about pets and animals on the Internet of varying quality and authority. Your pets and animals are too valuable and emotionally important to you to take risks with poor quality advice.

The articles on Pets facts and Tips are trustworthy and reliable, as qualified editors check the credentials of the contributors and the truth and reliability of the advice.

Pets Facts and Tips has articles for a wide range of pets including: cats, dogs, reptiles, mammals, amphibians, turtles, birds, spiders and insect pets. There are also articles for domesticated animals such as chickens, geese, sheep, goats, pigs and cattle. One specialised topic is fish and aquariums as our chief editor has Ph D in Fisheries Biology and Fisheries Research and over 30 years experience as a research scientist on Zoology and environmental sciences.

Pets Facts and Tips aims to properly assess the claims and counter claims about various topics by thoroughly reviewing all the available research and information. The articles provide a balanced sets of facts from various sides of arguments and viewpoints. Our writers are the leaders in their fields of Zoology, Fisheries Biology and Veterinary Science. You can be assured that the articles are the best ever for all topics covered.

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