Safe and Dangerous Foods for Dogs and Hazards to Avoid

Dog owners want to feed their dogs the best food so that they stay healthy. Many are tempted to offer snacks and treats from human foods. Dogs may also inadvertently pick up left-overs and food scraps dropped from food preparation areas or dining rooms. Dogs may scavenge around the house or yard, or even pick up things when walking. It is important for dog owners to know what foods are safe or dangerous to their health and well-being. The information of dangerous foods may surprise you! If you do not keep these foods away from dogs or unknowingly feed them to your dog you may make them very sick or worse still kill them.

The article below also contains general advise of hazardous chemicals around the home and yard that you need to keep your dog away from. The search tool at the top provides a quick way to check and item. Simply starting typing its name and a filter will show you the relevant information.

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Dangerous Foods for Dogs, Foods to Avoid & Safe Foods

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Non - Food Pet Dangers to Avoid

Many non-food things in and around the home and yard can be harmful to dogs and other pets, no only through ingestion but also via touch and fumes. This includes plants in the garden, and chemicals in the kitchen, laundry products, and many things stored in the garage and garden shed. Some of these non-food dangers are listed below: